Click-A-Chick: Elena Santarelli, Heather Kent, Amanda Lewis, Rachel McAdams, & Friends

J Koot wishes he could get this P.O.A.

Welcome to our new daily post here at Busted Coverage.

Since many of you guys are lonely, can’t get chicks and depend on BC to break up your afternoon sessions of Colin Cowherd and PlayStation, it’s time to give you Click-A-Chick.

Even morons that somehow find BC interesting can figure this out.

Move your mouse to a photo, click-a-chick and thank us by coming back every day.



    1. J Koot says:

      That's pretty much a perfect ass. Think she's into pudgy, 30-something bloggers with a little bit of coin in the bank?

    2. Considering the fact that the girl was probably 25 when this picture was taken and that was probably 5 years ago, she would be about 30. I think you would fit her type just right.

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