Free Shit Friday! Madden ’11 For XBox 360 & Other Free Shit From Dean’s Dairy Dip!

Happy Thanksgiving to our loyal readers. We’re taking another day off, but had time to put together another great giveaway.

It’s that time of year again when Busted Coverage starts to unload some of the great products that are sent to our headquarters.

Plus, this is a chance to help some of you who might be out of work (but still have an Internet connection), maybe having a tough year like the rest of America and could use a cool gift for the holidays.

Our great friends at Dean’s Dairy Dip have stepped up and have a Dean’s Dip Gamer Pack that they’ll send to 3 winners in today’s contest.


Dean’s Dip French Onion happens to be one of our favorites when we’re sucking down beers and watching 12 hours of college football. But now Dean’s is selling Honey Mustard Dip and Cheddar Cheese Dip. In other words, the company’s researchers figured out that guys need choices. Women need shoes, we need dip choices. Smart move, Dean’s.

Dean’s is challenging gamers to dip and play Madden ’11 at the same time. Yes, our controller is covered in honey mustard.

What you get:

Deans Mini-Pretzel Tin
Free Deans Dip coupons
NFL Madden 11
Deans Dip blanket


Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us why you need this package or email us mail@bustedcoverage.com. Make sure there is a legitimate email address to reach you. (And no, we don’t farm out your address. Think we want someone doing that to us? You won’t be getting any bullshit emails from Dean’s.)

Maybe you’ve lost a job and just don’t have the cash to go out and buy Madden for your kids. Or maybe you are a giant fan of Dean’s Dip and want the cool throw blanket for your growing Dean’s Dip memorabilia collection.

Or maybe you want to rewrap the gifts and give them as Christmas gifts. Have a good reason and we’ll have Dean’s send you a package.

(We got a box from Dean’s. You’ll be impressed and it’s FREE.).


Write in today through Sunday night and we’ll send Dean’s 3 winners on Monday morning.

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    1. Amanzio says:

      I'd love win this package I'm always down for some delicious dip & It's been years since I've owned a new copy of Madden, I usually buy a year or two old one from Ebay or Amazon… Oh & the blanket would be a plus for me to cradle my beautiful brand new baby girl.

    2. Matthew says:

      I deserve this package for 3 reasons: 1) After watching my Bengals completely suck last night (and all year), playing Madden 11 is the only way they are going to make the playoffs this year. 2) So far I have one of two comments here, and there are three awards. 3) All of these would probably be gifted to someone else (except for the actual dip, which would be shared, of course), spreading Dean's Dip creamy awesomeness to the tailgaters who need it most.

    3. I need this package for one simple reason……to crush my homeboys in Madden and show them once and for all who the baddest mofo on the planet is……me.

      It would be extra sweet to crush all comers wrapped up in a dip blanket……..I can see it now

      Hook a brother up

    4. Andy Curtner says:

      This prize to me, would represent so much more than just a video game and dip package; winning this contest would be some much needed relief this holiday season. I haven't had disposable cash for some time since I am poor college student. I am graduating this semester, but my family cannot come to see my big day and there are def no big parties set for me. With fifty cents and that diploma I could easily buy a cup of coffee, in 1980. I think I should get the prize because you will know that it has gone to promote some goodwill this holiday season and you could almost expect that I will play that game at least for another two years!

    5. Kyle Krause says:

      My Buddies and I have been planing a Trip to Detroit from Chicago for the Bears v Lions games next weekend! I got the tickets in the mail last Tues and thought I put them in a safe place,well on the way home from thanksgiving dinner at my parents house for some reason it popped into my head where did I put those tickets? So when I got home I started calmly looking in the usual places when they were not in those places I started to freak out and have been tearing up the house since last night (Haven't even been to sleep yet)! I have come to the conclusion that me or my GF threw them away by accident! My buddies have already paid me and now I have to replace the tickets out of my pocket,the first set were $600 ,so I'm looking at about a $1200 swing! I was in much need of some humor and to take my mind off of this. So I went to your site and the first thing I saw was this contest and thought winning anything right now would be a huge pick-me-up!! Sorry for how long this is just trying to get my story across!! I could also drown my sorrows in deans dip and use the blanket to wipe my tears!!! Thanks guys love the site and deans dip!!!

    6. Kian says:

      Cause the UCLA dorms aint shit without Madden and Dip

    7. Jeff C. says:

      Because Dean's Dairy Dip is the #1 party dip and only dip endorsed by Busted Coverage and i want some in my mouth right now!

    8. Alan Nicotra says:

      I would love to win this package because my roommates and I at the University of Florida are still playing Madden 05. Nothing would make our finals that are coming up better than if came home with this awesome package. Plus we have been supporters of Dean's Dip since freshman year and if we win this we will finally be recognized for our loyal Dean's dedication. I can't imagine a more deserved winner.

    9. Nick says:

      I've been waiting ALL football season to get Madden 11…unfortunately, I can't spend any money on games anymore because we just moved into a new place, just got a new dog and something always just keeps coming up and I seem to be buying things for everybody else. I wish I had a better story (like I had no hands or legs or something), but I don't. Just a normal, unselfish guy who loves the Madden series….oh and dip, I can't eat chips without some dip by my side. Oh…and I want to enter this local Madden tournament in a few weeks…I'm gonna need some practice!

    10. Cam says:

      at boarding school in middle of nowhere, massachusetts and just got a new xbox. problem is i emptied my wallet of all my saved up money and realized i have none left to get good games. i got some shooter game for free with it but gaming is all about the sports games. . nothing would be better to survive a boring winter in the sticks than catching picks and hitting some dip, all the while curled up in a dean's blanket with my buds. forget college apps, i want to play some madden and eat some deans

    11. Evan says:

      Cos I'm a boss.
      and I like dip.
      and madden also.

    12. Evan says:

      Cos I'm a boss.
      and I like dip.
      and madden also.

    13. Chris Lobdell says:

      I would love to have this package because:
      A. mini pretzels are amazing, like big pretzels, but mini.
      B. I have every single Madden ever made, except Madden 11, because I just started college…and well, I'm kinda poor. I'm still playing Madden 10. and its LAME.
      C.I love dips, all kinds of dip, especially with chips. and I always get dip on my blanket, so…mine as well have a dip blanket! chyeahhhhh

    14. Chris Lobdell says:

      I decided I want this prize SO MUCH, ill comment twice! (legal?).
      In all seriousness, I really would love this package. I just started college and I would love to have the new Madden so I can chill during my free time and play the best sports game ever.
      I also love dips, I've actually never had Dean's dip. but it looks amazing! and I'm never one to turn down a good dip. the mini pretzel tin would be PERFECT for my mini pretzel collection…kidding. Also, I need a blanket cause the one I have right now is pretty much smelling pretty dank and nothing sounds better than a free dean's dip blanket to cover up with at night while playing Madden and downing dip!!!!

    15. JeffG says:

      I could really use this Dean's package, and I'll tell you why.

      1. because of an underlying medical condition that caused uncontrolled rectal bleeding, I need the mini pretzel tin to use as a stopper for my anus
      2. I would plan to sell the Madden 11 game to get the money for the blood transfusions I so desperately need to stay alive
      3. once I'm dead, the Dean's Dip blanket would be used to roll up my bloated carcass for transport to the nearest funeral home and/or local river for disposal

      Oh, and I'm also a Canadian with only one testicle, so I'm royally screwed to begin with.


    16. Dillan Martin says:

      Love the dip
      Love the game
      Love to eat the dip while i play the game!!!

    17. Chareth Cutestory says:

      I want to win the prize package because I can't afford to buy Madden this year, and I'm sick of all my moron friends talking about how good they are now. I used to destroy them on a daily basis but now they live all over the country so I can't put them in their place. I'm a big fan of dip and blankets too. Wrapped in a Dean's blanket and fueled by Dean's mini-pretzels and cheese dip, I would be unstoppable.


    18. E says:

      My girlfriend is one of those skeptics that believe nothing is free and doesn't believe this is a real contest. She also thinks fellatio is nasty and REFUSES to do it no matter how much I beg, but felt so confident in the illegitimacy of your website that she bet me "the most epic bj of my life" if you guys came through for me. Its not even about the bj, its about proving to her that she truly is always wrong. My bros at bustedcovereage.com and Dean's, please dont let me down.

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