Northwestern & Illinois Wide Receivers Have Been Warned: You Might Die Saturday In Wrigley Endzone

Update: Nightcapper: Someone Is Going To Fucking Die At Wrigley Football Field – Part 2

Yes, that is the endzone for this weekend’s game at Wrigley.

Another shot of the madness after the jump.

We’re pretty positive that if this game mattered in the realm of college football and the BCS, the field configuration would be turned so that the endzone is in the left field stands, as the configuration was when the Bears played games at Wrigley many years back.

It appears that novelty vs. safety won out this weekend.

Hopefully there aren’t any broken necks to report. We hope.

[HT: Teddy Greenstein]

In other Wrigley news, the Cubs are even selling out the famous Wrigley sign and painting it purple.


[Wrigley Field’s signature red marquee gets a new look for Saturday’s Northwestern-Illinois football game]

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