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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Costume FAIL! WTF Is Going On ‘Down There’?

We received the following URGENT wire this morning:

Anonymous, writes: Check out the lip slip on the cheerleader in the background. There’s something poking out of her shorts!

Busted Coverage gets some weird shit sent to us every day. Just once it would be awesome to open Gmail and find a link to puppies, birds frolicking in a Colorado stream, a photo gallery of beavers building a cool dam or 63 Photos Of Chilean Mountain Rainbows.

Instead we get things like a weird NFL cheerleader costume FAILs.

But without the kickass work of our tipsters this would not be possible. BC wouldn’t be able to trump the Halladay no-no news.

Just watch the Philly blogs go nuts with this one.


Nope, that isn’t Photoshop.

That is straight from the camera of Al Tielemans of Sports Illustrated and was taken during Sunday’s game against Washington.

This should keep you guys busy today. Have fun figuring out the mystery.



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    2. sportpsyc says:

      Seriously? Your imaginations want it to be something. The simpelest answer is usually correct… That is a piece of hem line from her shorts that has come loose and has made a fallen little loop. The skin you see in the loop is her leg. That happens when shorts are tight and you are active in them–look what happens to the bottom of your jeans–seen little loops of denim just like that?

    3. TripNine says:

      its a penis get over it

    4. […] Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Costume FAIL! WTF Is Going On ‘Down There’? – BustedCoverage […]

    5. holiday says:

      Yeah, she busted a seam in the shorts. If that really was her labia, then she has a serious medical problem.

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