Cuff ‘Em: Baseball Coach Marlon Pascual Caught Swinging His Fungo While Lusting After Shoppers


Of course this comes from Florida where the local media is obviously under strict rules ‘the crazier, the better.’

Take it away Naples News:

Collier County deputies charged an Ave Maria assistant coach with indecent exposure in public after witnesses said he was masturbating in a North Naples parking lot, according to a report.

Marlon Pascual, 23, of Hialeah, who listed no local address, was arrested on Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of Tarpon Springs Plaza, 2415 Tarpon Bay Blvd., off Immokalee Road east of Interstate 75. A female customer and a security guard told deputies they witnessed Pascual masturbating as he watched customers entering and exiting one of the stores.

Pascual works part-time as a baseball outfield coach for Ave Maria University.

Of course the university isn’t “letting the judicial process take place.”

The team already shitcanned Marlon and he’ll have to take his baseball coaching skills to another school. According to a St. Thomas University bio, Pascual recently graduated with a Sports Administration degree and hopes to become a pro scout.

Yankees, perhaps?

[Assistant Ave Maria baseball coach charged with masturbating in parking lot]

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    1. Marlene says:

      Marlon Pascual is an excellent coach & a decent kid not a criminal, if you knew him you wouldn't post the way you did he is a model athlete, people make mistakes and their life shouldn't be ruined by ignorant people like you. You are convicting and and helping the public convict someone with out the facts..

    2. Baseball Mom says:

      Know Marlon for many many years and have watched him grow into a fine young man. Have always considered him one of the most respectful, decent and innocent boys out of the group. I am a woman and a mother with daughters and never have I ever considered this young man to be even slightly out of place. He is young man with a bright future and should not be judged unfairly. Maybe he made a stupid mistake as all human beings do…they just don't get caught or publicly brought to trial and humiliated. God bless Marlon and his family during this most difficult time. Our prayers are with him. This sight should find some real news to report on and stop ruining young peoples lives. By the way – your choice of words for the title of this article is filthy. Before you right about others mistakes, you should work on your own morality issues- you right trash and that is one of the biggest problems with our society and media –

    3. Eddie says:

      I have known Marlon since he was a freshman in highschool and I can honestly tell you that I am as shocked anyone. I coulndt beleive this. This is a quite kid who always worked hard and went about his business. He loves the sport and there is no he will be back coaching or working pofessionaly some where.

    4. Albert says:

      I’ve known marlon since i was little I played little league with him played high school ball against him then went to st Thomas with him he’s not a bad guy and honestly I was shocked hearing this I didn’t even believe the people who told me I had to search it myself to believe it…just leave the guy alone whoever wrote this article is an ignorant shit and deserves his balls on a platter this is why I have no respect for journalists and never will. Hope u get caught one day doing something you regret maybe I’ll write an article on you douchebag. To marlon and his family if u read this don’t worry people will learn to look past the idiotic minuscule things and judge u based on who u are not the mistakes you’ve made. Good luck homie I wish you the best bro

    5. Fidel says:

      It sadens me to Stumble upon this article after a few years. Definitely didn’t deserve all of this Marlon is a great guy I went to highschool with him. In the end when the smoke is clear I realize QUE CLASE DE PAJERO EH!!!!!!!!!!! SE RASPO EN UN PARKEO PUBLICO NO JODA Tremenda PAJA te hechaste brode!!

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