Gators Fan Starting Shit On YouTube With ‘Bama Fan Major Story In Tuscaloosa

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We are coming to you semi-live from Tuscaloosa where we’ve moved into our hotel room and are getting comfortable for #1 vs. #7.

The Houndstooth Bar is loaded with loafer wearing SEC fans and sundresses on the lovely ‘Bama poon.

A quick survey of campus didn’t reveal Sorryche2, the guy above who posted a video earlier this week that has become an Internet hit and put him on the front page of today’s Tuscaloosa News – right below a story on an Alabama grad killed in Afghanistan.

City police say they will be on the prowl for the Florida fan and plan to scope out the seats he mentions for possible confrontations.

We’ll be tailgating within a stone throw of Bryant-Denny Stadium so if any shit hits the fan it’ll be properly reported.

In other Tuscaloosa news, we pounded a full order of Dreamland’s ribs. What a great place. Do yourself a favor and get your ass down here for a major football weekend. Don’t settle for ‘Bama vs. Ole Miss. Save up and visit when a hated opponent is here.

This is why college football is the best live sporting event in the United States. No other sport can replicate the emotion.

Video of the Florida toolbag…after the jump.

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    1. Trent's Hairbag says:

      Don't hold your breath waiting for him to join you, either. Sorryche (his fellow parolees call him Bret Warren) won't be making the trip. Like the athletes he roots for, Bret is a criminal.

      Full story: http://deadspin.com/5652316/tough+talking-gators-

      The good news is there are probably a couple of extra tickets newly available in section U-1. Get on that.

    2. rebelrenegade1 says:

      Bret Warren or Sorryche2 is an idiot. He's not a very good trash talker. Alot of cussing and calling Alabama Fans inbred rednecks? Come on! The guy has to have a better imagination than that. And I personally believe he lies about half the stuff he says. It is pretty obvious given his Police Record. lol

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