Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Cheerleaders: ‘Bama H.S. Footballer Gropes Cheerleader In Handshake Line, Fuzz Alleges

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37868_137050379659280_100000629554654_244017_3315205_nAn Elba football player faces criminal charges after authorities say he inappropriately touched several Samson cheerleaders. The charges stemmed from an incident that happened after a football game between Samson and Elba on Sept. 17, in Samson. He said Reed, an Elba Tigers football player, is alleged to have touched four Samson cheerleaders inappropriately during the “traditional handshake” after the game.

Hide yo kids…hide yo cheerleaders! Antoine Dodson will get to the bottom of this.

[Elba football player charged with touching cheerleaders]