Hate Ohio State? White Rapper Da Entre Gives You Another Reason To Want To Kick Ohio State Fan’s Ass

Posted: Way back on July 21, 2010

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) “Local C-Bus Artist Da Entre took a slamin’ sound and mixed it with Old School traditions to create a NEW Buckeye Song that every tailgate party should ROCK! Come tailgate season every True Buckeye Fan will be wearing this new line of liscensed OSU apparel! So Hang On . . . is HERE!”

Climax of Video: Watch these two crackers get more access to Ohio Stadium than your season ticket ass.

Conclusion: Beano Cook wants to shoot the tool with the fake eye black.

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    1. ATL says:

      I think he ate the entre.

    2. […] rapper makes awful song for Ohio State, it was a fail at white rapper [BustedCoverage] 20 Items to Lock down when you move to a new city [Brobible] Choir boy gives us a look at the most […]

    3. Brutus says:

      As an OSU alumus and fan I am issuing a citizen's arrest of these knucklehead's Buckeye Card. Henceforth, these monkeys will no longer be allowed to claim fandom with the rest of Buckeye Nation.

      So appalling…

      The real Buckeye City rap video, learn yourself:

    4. Random Guy says:

      This is awful. As a student at OSU, I can easily make fun of it. I think its comical that some buckeye fanatics have never stepped foot into a classroom, or been on campus other then game day. Case and point

    5. Da Entre fan says:

      Screw the haters! The fans love it! Keep doing what you do fellas!

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