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Oregon Cheerleader Jackie Chelf Can Handle A Piece: And Gratuitous Bikini Photos!

Busted Coverage continues its continuing team coverage of all things Oregon cheerleaders because after 3 years of tracking Google searches from our readers we know what you want.

As much Oregon cheerleader as you can possibly get.

Any storyline we come up with works. It’s like clockwork. The Ducks are on ESPN. Cameras show UO cheerleaders. Commercial! Google searches! You guys are pigs and we’re more than happy to keep you entertained during timeouts or work downtime.

On today’s menu: Jackie Chelf is a 2nd-year UO cheerleader whom we profiled last year and bring back because of her new-ish photos where she’s handling a piece. Oh, and bikini photos from the summer of ’10.

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    1. OJ Simpson says:

      Look at that guy's hand. Flaming!

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