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Video: Atlanta NASCAR Race Fight Includes Drunken Redneck Woman Stun Gunning Redneck Dude

Posted: September 6, 2010

Premise of Video: Here we have the infield action from this weekend’s NASCAR stop in Atlanta. This looks like your normal shoving contest between 12 people who couldn’t field a full mouth of teeth between them. Things get a little punchy and one drunk seems to be the root of all the anger. Guess what the woman in the pink sweatshirt has for his ass? Yep, voltage.

Climax of Video: Fast forward to the 1:50 mark. Watch the woman in pink as she plants a stun gun into drunk dude’s ribs. We’ve got fireworks!

Conclusion: This shit is so much better than ESPN broadcasting yet another shitty race around a circle. Jesus, NASCAR is horrible.

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