Video: Iowa OL Josh Koeppel On Moped Vs. This SUV!

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josh koeppel crash video

This is Iowa offensive lineman Josh Koeppel toying around the Iowa City campus area on his two-wheeled moped/scooter when what looks like an SUV turns in front of him.

A police officer dash cam catches the crash scene.

Folks, the dude walks away from this.

Posted: August 31, 2010

Premise of Video: We’ve covered this already. Iowa football message boards lit up when this was posted last night. We always knew the Hawkeyes o-line was nails but this is crazy.

Climax of Video: Dude flying through the air.

Conclusion: Kirk Ferentz says he isn’t a big fan of football players using these mopeds. Well, it takes a moron driver to turn into the oncoming moped, but we can see his point. That looks like a crazy busy intersection to be ‘peding. Kudos to Koeppel for surviving.