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Jacki Lynch And The A’s Ballboy In Times Square UPDATED Inside Edition To Air Ballboy/Jacki Exclusive

We can see our stats going nuts with Internet searches for “Busted Coverage,” “bustedcoverage.com,” “Jackie Lynch Busted Coverage,” “Jacki Lynch,” etc.

Would someone please tell us we were just on CNN or something big like that.

You guys keep asking for more Jacki Lynch and the A’s Ballboy. The Lynch PR machine has come through with our very first exclusive photo of the couple in New York City for a media blitz. More to come, we hope.

Update: We’ve been told by our media sources that the A’s Ballboy (Kevin Fennell) and his catch Jacki Lynch are in NYC for a weekend where they’ll shoot an exclusive with Inside Edition that will tentatively air on Monday.

Of course we have questions into Jacki about a romantic weekend with our boy Kev in such a lovely city with pigeons carrying wild strains of Bird Flu and cabbies with a death wish. Perhaps a visit to Citi Field for a few innings of Mets-‘Stros?



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    1. martin says:

      seems like the chick is eating all this attention up.

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