Jimmy V Classic Photos: Stuart Scott Loves This Chick's Perfume, Ric Flair Looking Sad


We warned you guys, via our Twitter account, that the Jimmy V Classic golf/gala was being held this weekend.

You know the routine. Celebs/athletes get together for a good cause. Play golf. Skirt chase the Hooters girls working the golf course. Get drunk. Hit on the jersey chasers who are in town to keep these crazed horned up testosterone-nut jobs busy over a three-day weekend.

And of course Stuart Scott turned in a stellar performance, by allegedly telling this woman above how much he loved her perfume.

Yep, dude is married.

stuart scott jimmy v classic

Yeah, so far the photos we’ve found tell us it was a slow year for the Classic.

Give it a day or so and the Hooters chicks will start uploading their photos. Then the games will begin.

Have an image of the Classic that Busted Coverage would enjoy? Email us.


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    2. Friend of Jamie Perr says:

      Just wanted to say how wrong this article is. He also told her that it was the same kind that his wife wore. Seriously, get a life…it must have have been a slow news day for you guys at

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