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Nightcapper: Pat Burrell Barged In, Six-Pack In Hand, Dripping Wet & Buck Naked

This one, surprisingly, didn’t get much play this week but has to be one of the funniest “My Mom Saw Pat Burrell Buck Naked” stories of the week.

Shall we end our Friday with Aubrey Huff telling the San Jose Mercury News this week about the time his mom came to visit him in college and she ended up seeing Pat The Bat dripping wet?

Try this the next time you visit your buddy with the hot mom.

“After two weeks at Miami, I wanted to go home,” Huff said. “So my mom flies out, trying to convince me to stay. I was living

with two seniors, and they ragged me, too. I just didn’t understand all this baseball ragging nonsense. She’s in my room one night and I’m sitting on my bed and she’s telling me to give it another two weeks.

“Anyway, there’s a knock on the door, and before I can even get off the bed, Pat comes barging in with a six-pack in his hand, dripping wet, buck naked.

“So I jumped up and shut the door. Coming from Texas, these things didn’t happen. I said, ‘See what I’m dealing with here, Mom?’

“She just started laughing and said, ‘Actually, Aubrey, that’s pretty darn funny.’


“I thought, ‘My God, if my mom can laugh at this, why can’t I?’ “

That’s all we have this week. We’re out.

2 more weeks of weekends off and then BC goes back to 6-7 days a week. Be safe.


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