The Afternoon Dump: North Korea Is Cruel, Religious Leader Hates The Demons, Girl Gets Attacked By Barracuda, 4 Hoax Websites, Unique TV Paint Jobs, Katie Cleary Working Out, Jessica Alba Smokes, & Zoe Saldana Strips Down

Kelly Brook looks sexy in every single pose, no matter what.

I remember the days when cell phones didn’t have cameras or individual ringtones per contact. I use to have 3 groups on my old Virgin Mobile phone when I was 16. I had each list with a different ringtone and each list would make the phone show a different color on a call. I didn’t have texting back then. Flash forward five years and now phones have internet, apps, texting, and cameras. In the last 5 years the cell phone has drastically changed. Wonder what will happen in the next 5.

Have a good weekend.

Afternoon Dump

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    1. jimmy says:

      is it real the mentioned women during the early session under knuz saw a lok a like

    2. bry says:

      Your right dude, the first mobile phone I used is 5110 I like it so much because it's not too heavy and its easy to use. While we are drinking on my friends house someone stole it. That's why I need to buy a new one. By the way who's that girl in the picture?

    3. @jimmy I have no idea what you meant by that

      @bry Damn that sucks. Dumb thieves. The girl in the picture is Kelly Brook. Hottie for sure.

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