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Wait, LeBron James Partying In Vegas Story Too Sultry For ESPN?


If you aren’t following along with the big dogs (@bustedcoverage) on Twitter today, you haven’t been lucky enough to read the story of LeBron James partying in Vegas that, for some reason, has been pulled from ESPN.

It includes a chick with a tattoo that LeBron will remember later in the hotel room. Naked chicks in a bathtub and a Peter Pan guy delivering bottles of liquor.

Full screenshot of the pulled story after the jump.

(Click on image to save your eyes)




    1. Adam Dukes says:

      I have lost so much respect for this guy in the last 3 weeks. Cocky d-bag!

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    3. rac says:

      isn't he married with a child?

    4. EJ says:

      Why are you idiots so upset because a guy changed companies? he had every right. Go the hell back in your holes people. Lost respect for him.. He does not give a sh*t what you feel. He has to live his lfe the way he wants, not because so many white people made a lot fo money off this guy in Cleveland. He has every right to do what he wants. how dare ESPN try to make a big deal about him being in Vegas. SO F"N WHAT! It is his time, money. ESPN, go find another story.. YOu made money off his decision..oops, he made sure you donated it…lol White america hates to see a black man control his own destiny without giving a hoot about your opinion.

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