Cuff ‘Em: Dude Dropped Trunks To Do "Less Restrictive" Naked Leg Lifts In Apartment Complex Pool

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naked pool aerobics

From the News-Journal (Del.):

At first glance, the 17-year-old lifeguard at the Pine Brook Apartments swimming pool thought that the man in the water with his bare buttocks exposed had accidentally lost his swim trunks. But on closer inspection, she realized that he was swimming naked, according to court records.

The swimmer was told to put his trunks back on, said Newark police spokesman Lt. Brian Henry, who said the incident occurred about 1:45 p.m. Monday.

Five minutes later, (Dean) Rissler was back in the pool — naked again — standing against the wall doing leg lifts that left his genitals exposed, Henry said.

When asked by police why he kept pulling off the trunks even though he knew it was wrong, The Riss said naked leg lifts were “less restrictive” without those pesky shorts.

Ahh, the old “had to remove them to get in my exercise” defense.

Been there done that in our own house. Pulling this off in public takes balls and it seems The Riss has some big ones to actually go to jail because he can’t just go out and buy a Euro Speedo. Something tells us we’ll be seeing this guy down the road for another Cuff ‘Em story. Probably the one where he’s found naked in a car wash.

[Delaware crime: Man arrested for swimming naked in pool]

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