Sexy Sideline Reporter Sara Carbonero Dropped Off At Airport By Red Watch Wearing Futbol Dorkwad Boyfriend

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Here is the lesson of the day for all you dorks out there who just can’t seem to find a cute chick under the 200-lb. mark.

Red watch. And man purse.

That is Iker Casillas of the recent World Cup winning Spanish national soccer team. He’s been dating Sara for some time now and is at that stage where he’s comfortable enough to go red watch while taking Sara to the Madrid airport this week.

If it works on Sara, it has to work on some random chick you meet at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

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    1. Johnnie says:

      You should try it. you clearly don't get laid enough

    2. J Koot says:

      Red watch it is. Now, where the f@ck does an American straight male go to buy one of those watches.

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    6. whooo says:

      Yeah what a "dorkwad". Best goalkeeper in the world. World Cup champion, has a SMOKING HOT girlfriend and only makes 7.7 million a year pfffff what a loser!!!! XD

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