Photos: Tony Romo Hanging At Six Flags With His Brah Chace Crawford


This is like the confluence of feminine wet dreams coming together on a single ride at Six Flags Over Texas, where Tony Romo and his girlfriend’s brother, Chace Crawford, shared some brah time this week.

Maybe that Crawford name rings a bell for all of you Gossip Girls dorks who visit BC to not be so queer for 5-10 minutes.

Good news for Romo, Crawford was recently busted for pot, which should cause the overlords within Goodell’s office to go into hyper-anxiety mode with their golden TV boy hanging with a possible doper. It looks like innocent fun, but who knows, maybe Tony likes some maryjane here and there.

More brah photos after the jump!

Romo throwing football-thumb-560x371


[Six Flags Sends Pictures of Tony Romo on Some Rides. Neglects to Mention Chace Crawford.]

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