Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Back From Mexico, Wayne Rooney Taking A Leak, South African Noisemaker Nonsense, Katy Perry World Cup Outfit, Futbol Analysis Nip Slips, Chest Ballet And Bikini Model Ember Reigns

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Hot Chicks With Guitars They Can’t Play….introducing Michelle.

….and we’re back from 6 days in Mexico.

Things should get back to normal after fighting for a couple days with Mexican Wi-Fi at a rate of “fuck off and get to the beach,” download speed.

We tried, fellas.

It was a pretty good week of dicking off and watching South American ladies go topless. What we cannot, and will never understand, is the man-kini.

Would a Euro dude who visits this site please explain why you want your hairy inside thigh to be exposed to women? Why you need a tight, uncomfortable piece of fabric playing tight man-to-man defense on your penis? Why you want your ass to get plenty of sun?

And what’s up with Mexican TV? Can an American get something other than Rachel Ray & Judge Judy in English?

ESPN was in Spanish. The Finals were in Spanish. All 25 soccer channels were in Spanish. Even Mr. F@cking T infomercials were in Spanish.

It’s good to be home.



Today’s Dump:

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Even sexier World Cup chicks who should be promoting Umbro outfits [Angry T]

Photo: French WAGs traveling to South Africa [Kickette]

US futbol highlight shows would be much better with nip slips (NSFW) [Totally Crap]

In case you haven’t seen Vince Young getting punchy at a strip club [YouBeenBlinded]

…and the video of Wally Backman dropping f-bombs in 2007 [MetsPolice]

WTF is this shit! Nice Toyota sign at Wrigley Field [Out of Bounds]

This would have helped over the weekend – How To Talk Dirty In Bed [Coed]

This is what we saw plenty of in Mexico – Boobies! [Boobie Blog]

Chest ballet? What will these women think of next to make money? [Dirty Rotten]

The total destruction of Pam Anderson’s once hot body rolls on [CelebSlam]

Now this is a great bikini model name – Ember Reigns [Heyman Hustle]

We’d so do dirty things to Natalie Portman [Popoholic]

Stacy Keibler. Muscle Milk. Photos. Holy Shit. [DJ Mick]

Chicks Lighting Farts – The Fails! [Regretful Morning]

…and finally, the hot chick from Ice Road Truckers who, like her counterparts, most likely lights up a semi cab with horrible gas [Esquire]