Cuff 'Em: Hockey Coach Ron Synan Decides To Kick Shit Out Of Opposing Team's Tough Guy

Ronald Synan

From today’s central Florida’s Channel 13 News:

Ronald Synan, 50, is charged with battery after punching the boy during a game at the RDV Sports Complex in Maitland.

Witnesses said several players got involved in an altercation on the ice, including Synan’s son.

The players were soon separated and the victim was sent to the penalty box.

That’s when Synan reportedly left the bench, walked across the ice, verbally threatened the boy and began to punch him with a closed fist.

Synan was pulled off the boy and charged with battery.

We’re not sure what’s more surprising, a coach attacking a kid in the penalty box or ice hockey in June….in Florida!

BC has had many stories where parents on the sidelines start shit with the opposing parents. This has to be our first venture into the world of coaches kicking the shit out of opposing players. But, from the looks of things, Ron took a shot to that schnoz.

That baby looks broken to us. Kudos to whomever thumped his stupid ass.
[Hockey Coach Attacks Player During Game]

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