Cuff 'Em: Cheerleading Coach/English Teacher Christie Elliot Possibly Banging One Of Her Students

christie elliot

From today’s Arizona Daily Star:

Christie Elliot, 25, who coached the cheer squad and taught English at Empire High School, 10701 E. Mary Ann Cleveland Way, for about a year, turned herself in to Tucson police as a result of a three-week investigation into her relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

She was charged with one count each of luring a minor for sexual exploitation and sexual conduct with a minor and booked into the Pima County jail, according to Officer Chuck Rydzak, a police spokesman.

Police began investigating April 19 at the behest of the Vail School District after a parent told the Empire High principal that Elliot had been exchanging inappropriate text messages with his son via his iPod Touch. Some of the messages referred to kissing and the “need to be more careful,” according to court documents filed by police.

WTf, pops?

You turned in the semi-cute cheerleading coach that we’d most likely sleep with if things were going slightly wrong in our social life and we could use a one-night stand?

Police say that Elliot’s laptop contained topless photos of her that might have/might not have been sent to student(s).

So here is the deal, there has to be some 20-something dude out there who used to bang this chick. Maybe a college one-nighter. Busted Coverage wants to give our readers a better look at what’s doing with Ms. Elliot.

Have photos of Christie that we need to see? Maybe some dirty Halloween pics of her. Send them in for our 2010’s Hottest Cuff ‘Em Teacher contest. It’s an ongoing competition. Don’t miss out.


[Teacher at Empire accused in sex case]

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    1. idiots says:

      I went to that school! Why do you need inappropriate pictures of this lady? She is already in huge trouble and is already getting tons of crap about doing this. Personally I think she is gross! She turned herself in already, it's over.

    2. glassjoe says:

      Well, "idiots" its not really over. It's really just only begun. Female teacher on male student sex is big news in the media ever since Debra Lefave. Imagine if this goes to trial, the DA try to get ahold of anything that can sully her character to jurors.

      By the way, why didn't that kid delete the messages on his ipod. If I were in his shoes, everyday would have been hump day with her. (lol) Sex with an older woman and an A to boot. What guy wouldn't go for that!

    3. cheerleader says:

      This was MY cheer coach, and this was so unexpected. I guess she had major attitude, so I wont miss her TOO much next season, but this whole thing is crazy. All of us cheerleaders keep getting questioned by students and counselors, as if she seduced US, too.

    4. I know her says:

      I will not defend the actions that are placed before her. I have known her for over 12 years. She was never like this. I can tell you that depression can do major things to your mind and your judgment is corrupted. I am very upset with her for doing this, and if she is guilty then she needs to serve her time even if its 20 years. I am just amazed at what people have been will post online. I have seen things from her getting hung, to her being hot and people wishing she was their teacher. this does not help the issue.

    5. hey "I know her says:

      She is gross, her face is gross, her morals are gross, and she needs to do some time. Being "depressed" should not make her bang a 15 year old. And everyone should leaves those cheerleaders alone, I'm sure they were not part of her little plot to bang high school sophomore boys.

    6. I know her too says:

      This lady has a fucked up past. See it started in Missouri when she was married at a very young age, then decided to start sleeping with another younger male named Snake. Needless to say she divorced her husband and ran off to Arizona with the new dude. She began her teaching job in AZ then dumped snake for the high school students she has been getting nasty with. Think about ol boy snake, he is so upset right now. Shoulda known when she was a whore cheating on her husband.

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