Sacramento Kings Trade Cute Sideline Reporter Kayte Christensen For Crusty Jim Gray

When we think of sideline reporters for the Sacramento Kings, the name Jim Gray doesn’t come to mind even if you gave us 50-75 guesses.

In fact, we had no idea who was performing the coaches interviews before/after halftime, the most useless interview in professional sports.

“Coach _____, what did you tell your team during the 1st quarter timeout after a 8-0 Clippers run.” As if we care.

Anyway, here is the news that floored us. The Kings traded the woman, above left, for Jim Gray’s talents. Seriously. Trivia question for you and the boys at the bar. Name the very attractive sideline reporter who lost her job to Jim Gray.


From the Sacramento Bee, reporting today that Jim Gray has taken former WNBA player Kayte Christensen’s job.

Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof said Gray’s contacts and reputation could land interviews for halftime segments with everyone from President Barack Obama to talk-show host Larry King to NBA Commissioner David Stern.

“We’ve got somebody whose big-time. He’s a great journalist. He knows everyone, and he’s not afraid to ask tough questions, and we’re thrilled to have him,” Maloof said.


Yeah, and he might also land an interview with Pete Maravich.

Yeah, Obama is going to take time out of his schedule to do a halftime interview for a Kings broadcast. Right.

Larry King? Now there is a get. David Stern? Another get.

Maloof acts as if people even care about a Sacramento Kings broadcast. You boot Kayte and give men even less reason to watch your broadcasts.

Jim freakin’ Gray? There is a reason he was available to work for your outpost basketball team. Nobody wanted him, which means nobody will be watching him. How about saving your money, keep Kayte and pay for some basketball talent.

Sacramento’s win-loss record this season? 25-57. 32 games behind the Lakers. Just sayin’, Gavs.

Of course Kayte is addressing the news like a pro – via Twitter.

kayte twitter

There is only one reaction from Busted Coverage towards this news – Maxim magazine spread. We’ll work our contacts and try to get Kayte into a bikini for the September edition to show Gavin what his fans could have had instead of Jimmy Gray.

Your loss, Maloof.

[Kayte Christensen – Twitter]
[Jim Gray joins Kings’ broadcast team]

kayte christensen sideline reporter

kayte christensen sideline reporter 2



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    1. hambone says:

      She kind of looks like the woman (Ashley Dupree) former Gov. Elliot Spitzer bought one night.

    2. J Koot says:

      And Kayte has an actual rack unlike anything ever seen in WNBA history.

      It brings a tear to our eye to see her booted for Gray.

    3. Sports Babes says:

      It is amazing the amount of talent the Sacramento Kings have wasted over the years. It no longer is just on the bench, but now extends to the sidelines.

      Good luck, Kayte!

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