University Of Texas Undie Run Implanted Imposter? Aston Richards Is The Big Breasted Chick?

aston richards undie run

We’re still working our sources in Austin, Texas to figure out what the hell is going on with their latest Undie Run where this ridiculously chesty chick showed up (above, left).

BC readers tell us that is Aston Richards, some young face who’s just getting into the adult business (and she blogs, too – NSFW!).

Now we need someone to confirm that she takes classes at U. of Texas so we can crown her with the “Greatest Implanted Rack In College Undie Run History,” award.

Otherwise, she’s out and we go back to the horrible job of searching through thousands of photos.

[ – NSFW!]

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    1. Well that is just disappointing but awesome at the same time.

    2. Cheer Girls says:

      That is so disappointing, yet no worse to look at. Can we just live in denial and assume that she is just a regular UT Coed?

    3. […] University Of Texas Undie Run Implanted Imposter? (BC) […]

    4. Stuart says:

      Her name is Meredith McAleenan. She works as a cocktail waitress at The Phoenix nightclub in Austin

    5. wow hottie says:

      stuart do you know her personally?

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