America's Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Makes Theatrical Bikini Debut In Miss Gruber

cassie keller miss gruber

Our friends at Playboy just keep ruining our weeks.

Just when being productive is the goal, they send over a new video featuring “America’s Hottest College Sophomore,” otherwise known as Central Michigan’s Cassie Keller.

And this happens to be Cassie’s theatrical/viral video debut which means we actually get to put a voice to the body we’ve been lusting after ever since the Fall of ’08 when she burst onto the scene when we abruptly and without even a contest, named her “America’s Hottest College Freshman.”

Now comes the video spoof of the upcoming MacGruber movie (in theatres May 21, we think). In this 1:38 video, three Playboy chicks get into acting mode in a special called Miss Gruber, a horny version of MacGruber.

What more can we say about Cassie’s debut?

Instead of ripping off the sarong the writer/director could have gone for the bikini top?


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