Marisa Miller At The Barnstable Brown Derby Party & About To Kiss This Toolbag

marisa miller barnstable derby party 4

Nice hair, dickweed.

Of f@cking course we are efforting to see if this is the dude that gets to bang Marisa Miller on a nightly/lunch time basis.

If so, this just goes to show you that getting your hair cut at SuperCuts isn’t going to get it done if banging super models is on your agenda.

The Barnstable Brown party photos from last night are starting to roll in.

We’ll keep updating them while we have our breakfast of Buffalo Trace and Wheaties.

[nggallery id=124]

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    1. johhny7 says:

      wow, i sense jealousy among the writer here. i bet this dude would pound you; but you probably hide behind some key strokes on your blog. just trying to be real. hate is a sign of self worthlessness.

    2. Tom says:

      That is Marisa’s husband Griffin Guess.

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