The Hottest NCAA Beach Volleyballer Is Pepperdine Freshman Victoria Adelhelm

Victoria Adelhelm

Remember how the NCAA is ramping up efforts to allow beach volleyball to become a mainstream college sport?

2010 is proving to be a huge year for the sport. There were two events this past weekend – one in Florida and the other in Southern California. The incidentals aren’t important to you dorks.

We’ll get down to the real business. Of all the photos we’ve looked at, by far the sexiest college beach volleyballer in the land has to be Pepperdine’s Victoria Adelhelm (seen above, obviously).

Gentlemen, she’s just a freshman. Enough said.

Check out more photos from the USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge via SOS Photography who has 611 shots from the event. And a few of our new volleyball crush – Victoria.

[SOS Photography]

[nggallery id=113]

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