2010 Spring Break Fights: Dude Drops Two Bombs, KO's Two Drunk Posers

Posted: April 6, 2010

Premise of Video: A bunch of what look like So. Cal dorkwads are hanging out in a hotel hallway while partying on Spring Break at Havasu. You know the crowd. The wakeboard dorks. Hat on sideways. Tats all over. Posers. One of the posers starts piping up on some quiet dude.

Climax of Video: Quiet guy unleashes a left hook on poser guy. 29-second mark should suffice for that KO. Poser hits the floor. 1-2 seconds later and poser #2 gets his face rearranged by the same left. Poser #1 comes back for more and gets KO’ed again. And kicked.

Conclusion: Don’t take your eyes off the quiet guy. He’s been training with that left hand. And knows how to use it.

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    1. wat says:

      First hit totally out of nothing and not while fighiting.
      Second guy get´s hit while not even looking.
      2nd hit on first guy is by another guy standing near-by and another cheapshot from the side.
      Kick to the head to a guy on the ground: ghetto-manners.
      Not even KOed them as they both get up again.
      My little sister does better.

    2. Jroc says:

      man thats some pussy shit, i was looking forward to a real fight. 2 sucker-punches in a row, followed by a back-o-the-head punch assist from tough guys buddy, then a kick to the head while he'd down? Fuck, this guys a bitch and didnt prove anything. Anyone can just start throwin bombs to people not fighting you. Just stupid… btw, no ones arguing that these douchebags didnt deserve it tho.

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