Margo McAuley – America's Hottest Collegiate Soccer Player – Takes Game To Indiana

margo mcauley bikini 1

There was a sports agate page announcement back in February that somehow slipped by our Google alert on all things Margo McAuley.

You might remember Ms. McAuley as the Florida State soccer player who became an Internet sensation after we published sexy photos and named the Indiana native  “Hottest College Student-Athlete” a year ago this month.

Something seemed to go wrong at FSU and in February it was announced that Margo was taking her game to Indiana.

While that is great news to the men of Bloomington, even better news is that the junior defender is also still taking bikini photos to keep her fans happy.

margo mcauley bikini 7

Our tipster forgot to mention the IU news but did fill the BC inbox with these new shots that we assume were taken before heading north to the shitty Midwestern weather.

We pray that the change of locales doesn’t mean the bikinis go into hibernation. We also pray that the Indiana coaching staff doesn’t kibosh her fun ways.

BC rarely comes across such a talent from the world of soccer. And just think, two more years of eligibility for Ms. McAuley.

Know of a hot (female) collegiate soccer player that needs to be commended for her beauty? Email us.

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margo mcauley bikini 8

margo mcauley bikini 6

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margo mcauley bikini 4

margo mcauley bikini 3

margo mcauley bikini 2





margo2 margo3 margo4

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Margo (far left)

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