Slap ‘Em: Teacher Paula Thompson Gets Slappy With Teen Cheerleader, School Says

hair_pulling_c“Second-grade teacher Paula Thompson is accused of slapping one Broncos cheerleader in the face and pulling another’s hair Friday night in Albuquerque during an altercation following the state basketball championship game between Kirtland Central and Shiprock High School.”

It took a cheerleader coach and a bus driver to pull Paula off the teen, witnesses claim. No charges have been filed.

Just imagine how she treats those second graders when they don’t color inside the lines.


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    1. E Perez says:

      I am the mother of a 1st grade girl and I am appalled that a teacher would assault a child regardless of provocation. I am forthwith removing my child from KES to avoid the possibility of my daughter getting this woman as a teacher. She should be fired immediately. This is best case for home schooling I have ever heard. Is this what we have come to? A teacher can aggress a student in public with witnesses at a school event?

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