Utah State’s "Wild" Bill Sproat Sells Out, Misses WAC Tournament Title Game For ESPN Commercial Shoot

There were a pair of man cans missing from the Utah State cheering section this weekend during the WAC Tournament Championship game.

The spot usually reserved for “Wild” Bill Sproat, the Aggies student with a giant rack, was absent for the game against New Mexico State and an automatic bid to the Big Dance.

So where was the mammoth free throw heckler? Bill was selling out his team to shoot a commercial for ESPN. New Mexico St. made five of six free throws when shooting towards the Aggies student section, reports the Deseret News. This is inexcusable.

Of course ESPN couldn’t keep their hands off Bill during March Madness. He just had to be in Charlotte this weekend, according to Bill’s Twitter account.

It’s unclear what the shoot is for or when it’ll run, but Bill got to hang out with Molly Qerim, a hot chick from ESPNU.

Still, inexcusable.


Is this some sort of conspiracy from the World Wide Leader?

Take the fat kid away from Utah State, make him hang out with a hot chick, feed him like a king and make him hole up in North Carolina.

wild bill twitter

Were both teams going to make the NCAA tournament no matter who won the WAC? It’s highly likely. But New Mexico State then saw what happened to Mississippi State.

Let this be a lesson to all you super fans out there: don’t let yourself sellout for an ESPN commercial when your team is at the summit of its season.

It just looks really, really bad.

[Wild Bill Sproat – Twitter]


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    3. AggieFan says:

      J Koot What are you talking about? How can Wild Bill sell out? He has already stated that he doesn't care for basketball, so obviously if ESPN is going to pay to fly him out to their studios for a week he is going to go. Also you use the phrase "super fan" a few times, "super fan" of what? Not basketball, so he must be a "super fan" of the Aggies, which in that case ESPN studios is exactly where he should be. Contrary to what you seem to think, Bill's air time on ESPN will actually be better for the team than Bill being at the WAC championship game. You should probably put a little more time in research and thought before you post your articles.

    4. summer says:

      You are a complete moron. If you're going to credit this guy with the loss, is he the reason USU wins?! Sellout? He is a huge fan, and USU couldn't PAY for this kind of publicity. They're a good team sure, but he's put them on the map. Who has heard of them? Nobody. But now because of Wild Bill, they're known around the nation! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. You know you would take it, and there would be jealous commentators bashing you too.

    5. buckeyeOH! says:

      Obviously you're jealous. Your limited 'journaling' skills, if you can call it that, will NEVER get you to ESPN. And this big guy got LOTS of coverage.

      Jealous much?! haha!

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