Ed Olcyzk Thinks U.S. Vs. Canada Was Tremendously Tremendous

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Eddie Olcyzk is super excited about how awesomely awesome U.S. vs. Canada was. It was like the greatest thing on ice since 1980, or so we’re about to be told by Bob Costas or the next five nights.

Climax of Video: Eddie tells us this game has been so good that it’s “tremendously tremendous.”

Conclusion: No video to go with audio. NBC would cut off the poster’s nuts if there was. Deal with it.

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    1. Trevor says:

      Another one was when YMCA was on the sound system Emrick said…"little did the Village People know that this song (YMCA) would blare in arenas across the world as well as being a HOTEL"!!!

      True statement

    2. J Koot says:

      Yep. Heard that. Eddie was on his game and then some. And why is Collinsworth weighing in on hockey?

    3. Trevor says:

      JESUS, I missed that one.

    4. J Koot says:

      Hell yes. He had that stupid grin going and tried to get all vocabulary on the TV viewer to show some intellectual fortitude.

      It's was worthy of spitting in his face, really.

      I'll effort the video.

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