Speed Skater Sven Kramer Doesn’t Have Time For Stupid NBC Reporters & Stupid Questions

Posted: Feb. 14, 2010

Premise of Video: Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer chats with media from back home about an incident with an NBC reporter who asks him some really stupid questions after he just won a gold medal. Sven shares sentiments that just about everyone besides hockey mom is expressing this week.

Climax of Video: Sven owns the NBC reporter by not answering her stupid questions.

Conclusion: NBC still has the two Parisian Knotted Scarf douchebags to ask questions.

matt freezing his ass off

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    1. Trevor says:

      you know what…good for him. There are so many lazy reporters out there the refuse to do any homework that they screw everything up for real reporters that actually work for a living…like me. No sarcasm out of you Koot.
      Get that man a pair of wooden speedskates!

    2. daniel says:

      if you're a (sport) reporter at the olympics you should know you're facts, if not you're not suppose to be there. see wiki for the facts even if you're a reporter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sven_Kramer
      2 times allround world champion!?

    3. Dick Kumzinya says:

      Well, you people are the idiots. She knows exactly who he is. It is practice in the TV industry that prior to the interview they ask the interviewee those questions for tape verification. He was an asshole. And Karma came back and bit his ass didn't it? So who is the stupid one now, Mr. Disqualified?

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