Former Michigan Basketballer Dommanic Ingerson Gets Naked, Tries To Swim Away From Police

That would be former former Michigan basketball player Dommanic Ingerson buck naked in Oakland’s Lake Merritt after trying to evade police after stealing a purse and jacket from two ladies.

Just what Ohio State message boards need on a sleepy Friday in February. Fodder.

Ingerson was a Tommy Amaker guy in Ann Arbor and spent most of his time on the bench. A transfer to San Francisco would ensue and Ingerson would never be heard from again until this week when he tried to make a swim for it.

According to the Mercury News, the swim attracted quite a crowd.

He was chased for a time by the Oakland security ambassadors, a group of people who work with Oakland police to thwart crime in the Broadway corridor, Uptown and western Lake Merritt areas. Then he jumped in the lake, which James Vann of the Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt estimated was at between 48 and 52 degrees.

The incident drew about 100 people to the edges of the lake, who watched as the man swam, idled in the water for a time and then got out to waiting officers, who handcuffed him and took him away.

Of course he didn’t get very far without rethinking the idea of dying in a cesspool filled with used needles and dead bodies from the Oakland gang wars.

Your move, Michigan fan. What, no Maurice Clarett updates?

[Naked Lake Merritt swimmer played college basketball]

[Former College Baller Now a Robber, Nude Swimmer- You Been Blinded]



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    7. Le-Le says:

      Lay off Dommanic! He swam 400yds in 30mins.This guy is super strong,and i bet he can kick your butt anyday!! Family from all over the world is coming to his rescue! Quit hating and get a real job!

      1. J Koot says:

        Quit hating? After he just ripped off two women? Are you boning him, or something?

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    9. Le-Le says:

      Dommanic has a mental disorder that is beyond his control.He is getting treatment.No im not boning him,ur such a idiot lol

    10. Hecty Hec says:

      Dommanic Ingeson was my college roomate at the University of San Francisco from 2005 to 2006. Despite having a metal disorder Dommanic is a very good, caring, and loyal indivdual. I hope Dommanic can finally get the Medical professional help he needs to make a full recovery.

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