Valentine’s Weekend Undie Run’s Look Hump-tastic, Cottage Cheese-ish

dc undie run

“Mom and dad conceived me during Cupid’s Undie Run.”

Too cold for an Undie Run?

Not if you get drunk enough.

We’ve tried keeping up with the Undie Run scene, but it’s nearly impossible now that college kids (we’re big fans of the chick drinking Muscle Milk before her jog) raised on the tradition are starting to grow up, graduate and start having runs in cities across the country.

Take the scene in D.C. this past Saturday. The 1.75 miler was called Cupid’s Undie Run and raised money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. And maybe led to a few sperminated ladies.

There was a similar scene in Madison, Wisconsin minus the Capitol Hill dorks hoping for a Congressional job. Instead it was a giant sausage fest with plenty of dude ass.

uw wisconsin undie run valentines day 2

We warned you.

[Wisconsin Ass Thong – Photo Credit]

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