Nightcapper: Implanted Mexican Soccer Fan Leah Catherine Spencer’s Rack Still Popular

Just when we figured BC had heard the last of the American chick – Leah Catherine Spencer – who was showing off her implants at a Mexican soccer match, is back with photos with clothes on, which is obviously a disappointment.

A closer look at the face tells us Leah has been passed around the clubhouse a few times.

In Olympic news, we’ve been watching the speedskating and am mesmerized by the guy who says “Reaaddddyyyyy…..” very slowly and methodically. The guy is awesome.

If you want to feel straight and laugh at gay figure skaters we recommend visiting Big League Screw who captioned last night’s men’s action. If you can’t laugh at “Sergei, you better put down my bedazzler before I have to scratch a bitch!” we actually feel sorry for you.


[Leah Catherine Spencer – Flickr]

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