Marion Rolland Ski Fail At Vancouver Olympics Is Greatest Sporting Disaster Ever?

Date Posted: a couple hours ago.

Premise of Video: Lindsay Vonn had just moved into first place at the women’s downhill and it was Marion Rolland’s (France) turn to show her abilities to the world.

Climax of Video: Ms. Rolland gets about 20 feet out of the gate when it’s fail time. Are skiers supposed to be this fat?

Conclusion: Sun was in her eyes? That’s our guess.

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    1. Did you actually watch all of these? Some of the falls were crazy. Looks like that shit would hurt real bad.

    2. Trevor says:

      WTF…Seriously, this pig is an olympic athlete?
      I have lasted longer after a 14 hr. binge in Reno than this tub of shit.

    3. J Koot says:

      I'm looking for Marion bikini photos as I type this.

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