Darrell Green Runs 4.43 40 On His 50th!

DG_CUThe claim out of the Darrell Green Twitter camp is that the former Washington Redskins great could possibly be the fastest 50-year-old man/woman/etc. in the world after his 4.43 yesterday on his milestone birthday.

Dez Bryant, a draft hopeful, is projected to run a 4.5. Golden Tate from Notre Dame? 4.41.

In other words, Green could still cover their asses after eating a bite of birthday cake and opening up his over-the-hill gifts.

[Darrell Green – Twitter]

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    5. Jeff Kay says:

      I'm right behind ya brother… I'll be 50 in October and still running a 4.55 40… I've got a few months to practice before my 50th birthday. I've never been that much of a sprinter. My last two mile run in the Army was 11:11 at 43 years old. I'll try to catch ya but half a second is a lot of distance. 4.43 is freaking FAST, even for a kid.. GREAT JOB, Darrell and congratulations!!! jeff

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