The Afternoon Dump: Perfectly Timed Pictures, Ron Artest Likes Punching, Eagles Don’t Want McNabb, Wade Phillips Love The ‘YMCA’, 6 Reasons Why Men Cry At Weddings, 8 Terrible V-Day Diseases, 20 Hottest Athletes, & Sasha Cohen Is Gorgeous

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I’d hang out with Lindsey Vonn in the snow.

My days of having money are now over. Back to the life of another broke college student. Have to love it. Ha.

J Koot said this earlier: ‘Chicks Kevin The Intern Will Be Spanking It To On Valentine’s Day’ In the daily dump, I won’t be doing that J Koot. I’ll be hooking up with all of them, be jealous.

Have a good day and try not to screw up V-Day.

Afternoon Dump

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