Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Dancing At Super Bowl Party Makes White Guys Blush

Posted: Feb. 4, 2010

Premise of Video: Dwight Howard and his baby mama Royce Reed are in a pretty public custody battle so her appearance at a T.O. & Ochocinco pool party is not exactly becoming of a motherly WAG.

Climax of Video: :38 sec. mark. Royce, um, gets low.

Conclusion: Hell, it’s Super Bowl week. She deserves to blow off some steam and whatever else gets in her way. You’ll never forget the 2010 Super Bowl after this video.

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    4. Trina says:

      Royce needs to quit! She should be ashamed of herself its one thing to hv fun but do it decently she is a mother and should carry her self in such a way, Dwight is one sexy individual and could probably hv who he wants, why want the slut bucket? No one wants what EVERYONE else can hv or see uggh some women! If it was me… Boy I would be the best baby mother scratch that Wife to his ass that I could possibly be there is nothing more better for a child than for his father to love his mother and obviously Royce has blown it! SMH!

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