Cuff ‘Em: Jennifer Glad Is The Hottest Volunteer Basketball Coach To Be Arrested In 2010

It’s good to see that a hot chick perving on high school boys is a Kenny Powers and Tim Tebow fan.

It seems Jennifer Glad of Germantown, Maryland liked ’em young and didn’t mind going all the way to the 15-year-old division for her boy toy.

According to media reports out of the D.C. area, Glad used her car for the sex-capades.

Investigators say the encounters between Jennifer Michelle Glad and the teenage boy took place in her car away from school property in December 2009.

Glad volunteered for the Seneca Valley varsity basketball team.

The boy’s parents contacted school officials after they suspected the teen was having sexual relations with a volunteer, police said. The parents apparently found sexually explicit messages on the teen’s cell phone from Glad.

Now we want you to take a closer look at Jennifer’s cached Facebook page which has since been deleted from the Internet. Notice which music she’s a fan of. Just saying.

And since when do high school basketball programs hire a hot 24-year-old to ‘volunteer?’

So many questions to be answered on this one.

Have pics of Jennifer Glad that would be Busted Coverage worthy? We want more Glad so help us out.


[Police: Volunteer Had Sex with Teen]

[Jennifer Glad – Bad Bad Teacher]

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    1. Trevor says:

      koot…nice tie-in with Michael Jackson! Bravo

    2. marvello says:

      Damn! Like I went to Seneca! And none of that happened! She is on my buddys yearbook LOL

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