Gilbert Arenas And His Fish Lips Bikini Beefer At A Miami Hotel Pool


Busted Coverage tipster James checked in with us yesterday with the following report:

“It appears in several photos, this But-Her Face (Her face isnt nearly as nice as her body..) is cuddled up with none other than the recently suspended gilbert arenas.  im pretty sure its gilbert because A/ the goatee  B/ no tattoos on the arms, but a lot on the chest.”

Yep, sure looks like Gilbert to us with some chick named Alix who claims to “run Miami.”

To us it looks like the men of Miami have “run over” her face but that is just our opinion. Maybe guys in Miami like fish lips, skin tanned to a nice golden brown usually seen on a duster coat, and chicks with paper bags over the head.

Anyway, we reveal Alix’s age and more pics of Gilbert with his tail after the jump.


It’s unclear when these pictures were taken. Don’t assume they were recent because these Bikini Beefers are known to upload images at a moments notice and might have a huge cache reserved for specific times to stroke their egos.

Alix claims to have been born in 1987. Not to be mean but Busted Coverage would need to see a birth certificate to verify.

She also claims to be a fan of Family Guy, is Israeli and has a penchant for taking pics of herself fanning Benjamins.

That’s right, bitches, she runs Miami.

Have pics of other chicks who claim to run cities and party with NBAers? Oklahoma City, anyone? Memphis? Send in pics or tips.







    1. WideTackle6 says:

      Oh my god, this chick is beat. You would think a $100 million dollar contract would get you world class tail and not a beast like this.


      Don't worry Zero, your cell mate will be better looking than this train wreck.

    2. rolltide says:

      the line- To us it looks like the men of Miami have “run over” her face but that is just our opinion.- is sheer genius. love it, BC

    3. J Koot says:

      Her plastic surgeon emailed us and said this look is an upgrade for her.

    4. TBeu1 says:

      This is not his wife. His wife Carla is way prettier this must be a joke

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    6. J Koot says:

      Maybe Carla would like to be a judge whether this is a joke?

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