Super Bowl Cheerleader Of The Day: Saintsations Danielle D.

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We’re just 7 days away from the Super Bowl and the mainstream media will spend the next week wasting your day with stupid interviews on media row where some former NFLer comes out of the woodwork to analyze the Saints and Colts.

Busted Coverage won’t waste your time with such stupidity.

Instead, BC will introduce you to the cheerleaders who’ll pop up on the 52″ LCD when their team scores.

Go Team!


Saintsations cheerleader Danielle D.’s profile:

• Attends University of New Orleans

• Has a boyfriend that is way cooler than anyone at Busted Coverage

• Has a day job other than cheerleading

• Is conservative

• Loves Dr. McDreamy

• and would totally die and go to heaven if the Saints win the Super Bowl

Photos? Yes, we hired Busted Coverage Freelance Photo Editor Big Gay Rich to work through all 800 pics for the best of Danielle D.

Who Dat!



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