Daily Dump: Phil Jackson & Magic Johnson Get Close, Denver Broncos Cheerleader In Miss American Contest, Danica Patrick SB Ad Booted, Iowa Hawkeyes Huge In Korea, Hot Bartenders And Miranda Kerr Ripping Off Clothes

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Super Bowl MVP odds and Kristy Ann – things to look at in your cubicle this morning.

Running late. No time for stupid commentary.

Have a safe, fun weekend.



Today’s Dump:

….we get started with Jessica Simpson ripping a giant fart in a business meeting [CelebSlam]

Why is Phil Jackson this close to Magic Johnson during an interview? [Tirico Suave]

Looks like we have a Denver Broncos cheerleader in running for Miss America [Gunaxin]

Jamarcus Russell takes himself and jewels out on date at NBA game [YouBeenBlinded]

Awesome – Ochocinco wants to kick in the Pro Bowl! [Shutdown Corner]

Danica Patrick’s GoDaddy SB commercial gets boot from CBS – too racy [Examiner]

Impress your buddies by preparing these dishes for the Super Bowl (and be called gay) [Bachelor Guy]

Snooki does sports radio, talks about being drunk and sh!t [Sports Radio Interviews]

Now this is strange – an Iowa Hawkeyes helmet in a Korean pop music video [EDSBS]

Today’s Tail:

Hot Bartenders Who Won’t Be Giving Their Numbers To Your Dorky Ass This Weekend [Coed]

Luana Piovani’s ass being soaked on the beach [Don Chavez]

This chick represents everything good about Belgium [Uncoached]

Kelli Garner boob salad (Ads NSFW) [BoobieBlog]

Oh, dear God, more Miranda Kerr ripping off her clothes for GQ [Popoholic]

The Hottest Comic In The World – Chelsea Handler [Holy Taco]

Lupe Fuentes for those of you who need a Latina fix [The Beer Googgler]

Tata Thursday was amazing. Trust us. [Funtasticus]

93 Hot Redheads. A gallery. [Sweaty Gooch]

Brittany has that look of a woman who would be fun for about the first 3 months [BabesNBrawls]

Bubble Butts. A gallery. [CavemanCircus]

UT poon next to that now famous rock students painted when Kiffin left the Vols [Poon of SEC]