The Saints Chick With Giant Boobs Who Seems To Have Been Implanted


Imagine having two tickets to see the Saints-Cardinals game last week.

You call up a buddy and ask if he’s in. Of course the buddy has to check with his wife because he’s a pussy and can’t say “Hey, the Saints are in the playoffs, I’m going to get drunk and act like I’m 22 again.”

Anyway, the buddy promises his wife they’ll go out for a romantic dinner in return for his attending the game. On gameday the beers and shots are flowing. It’s getting close to gametime so the two of you head into the Superdome to find the seats.

And find them. Not bad at all. End zone for a playoff game will work.

Then she walks in. This woman. Underboob. Your buddy suddenly starts talking about how bad his marriage is.

He pulls out his camera and starts snapping.


And snaps. Again.


These shots are going to look awesome in the car dealership repair shop lunchroom, he tells you.

You nod and figure his wife will find the photos on the camera and never allow him out of the house for a Saints game – ever!

He calls you Wednesday and wants to know if you and the wife want to come over to watch the Saints-Vikings on his brand new 61″ LCD.

You know his ass was busted.



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    7. john johnson says:

      What a fuckin whore bitch
      shes old and nasty
      she has cellulite everywhere
      we r going to eat her

    8. god says:

      shes nastyy
      i smite her

    9. the world says:


    10. tom wagner says:

      i just puked

    11. Dr Di says:

      I will confirm for you that she is an implant patient….not mine though.

    12. jackson says:

      She is fucking super hot! Your just a bunch of homo nerds who play poker. John johnson is the worst one of the bunch!!

    13. London Wagner says:

      I am the Saints Underboob Fan..My name is London Wagner…I was not aware that these pictures were taken and then to be sent literally all over the country! Some of them, yes, I could do without seeing them.but, when someone comes up to you and asks to take a picture with you…that is a compliment…and I will most of the time say yes! Have a wonderful week!

    14. London Wagner says:

      The comment before from thomas Wagner was probably our children. He loves my outfit and made me wear it to every game as a good luck charm! We turn eyes every where we go! And we love the.Saints so much that we have season tickets! Have a good week! London

    15. WTH says:

      This chick is 40+ which is the reason they didn't show her old wrinkly leather looking skin. Only a hooker leaves the house looking like this chick. I hope her husband's 3 ex wives don't see this since they are always looking to take him back to court and keep him away from his 5 kids. Everyone in our small town thinks she is a whore. Everyone except her crazy husband who needs Viagra to sleep with her because he uses the juice. The Wagners should be ashamed. I am just knowing I have to work with these kind of people.

    16. sur says:

      For one thing, that person who commented earlier has issues and is obviously jealous of her! By the way, she is NOT in her 40s and does not have leathery skin. Even if she was in her 40s, WHO CARES!

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