The Front Side Of Gillian Cooke Who's Ass Is Talk Of Bobsledding


That is Gillian Cooke (left) and her British bobsled partner whose name we are too busy to research.

Cooke became world famous yesterday after news broke of her spandex bobsledding outfit splitting started going viral around the world.

Since we’ve become more acquainted with her rear end, BC figured you’d want to see what’s doing on the front side.


The Ms. Cooke file:

Born in ’82

Dabbles in pole vaulting during the summer months

Is Scottish

Won gold in bobsled at 2009 World Championships


So there you go. A reason to watch bobsledding during the Vancouver Games thanks to a few warm-up strides. Now for the full frontal.

Be careful, fellas, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

[Bobsleigh rider shows her cheeky side as she splits her pants at World Championships]



gillian cooke bobsled

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