Drunk Miami Dolphins Fan & Miami Dade Cop Roll Down Stands

Posted: Nov. 8, 2009

Premise of Video: Miami cop is just looking to get through this Saints-Dolphins game without incident. Of course that was impossible and Dolphins fan needed to be removed from Landshark. That’s when the fun starts.

Climax of the Video: Fins fan gets a little rowdy and cop guy jerks the guy’s arm. Wrong! Both guys go down and the cop takes a pretty nasty tumble.

Conclusion: The vlogger had perfect positioning to capture this greatness. Kudos.

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  1. Trevor says:

    We all know this type of guy…but is "Dan Marino" working undercover with the police on this one? Why the hell is he assisting the fuzz? Free doughnuts?
    I see.

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  3. P says:

    ya marino was being a douche. Who really helps a cop handcuff a guy? c'mon buddy he didn't just go on a murder spree, he was drunk at a football game. He must be one of those citizen patrol guys or an asshole who loves his neighborhood watch.

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