Colt McCoy & Rachel Glandorf Proposal Photos For Those Ladies Who Want To See ‘Em

Rachel Hookem Scoreboard

We’re trying to figure out what is more self-indulgent?

Proposing to your girlfriend on the UT logo in the middle of the Darrell Royal Field?


Inviting the media (whom your future wife worked for during an internship) to watch the proposal?

However you slice it, there are images from the McCoy-Rachel Glandorf (a better look at what Colt will lose his virginity to) lovefest for the ladies who want to then tell their boyfriends to shit or get off the pot. Or the ladies who had the question popped during a March Madness timeout.

Rachel Says Yes

Colt Rachel Scoreboard2

Colt on a Knee

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    1. disgrace says:

      fucking horseshit. this fuckhead lost the national title for texas because he had an oww wee on his shoulder. what a loser. he shouldn't have been allowed back on the field at Texas to propose after the shit he pulled at the rose bowl. total fucking horseshit. too bad tebow didn't fucking play for texas. you think he would have been knocked out of the entire game off that weak hit? texas got stuck with the crybaby fucking mccoy. thank god he is gone now. thanks for nothing.

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