The Afternoon Dump: Best Mannequin Ever, Bama or Texas, 100 Points By Half Time, A-Rod Still Loves Madonna, Michael Cera Likes Jersey Shore, A Typical Blonde, A Hot 39 Yr-Old, & Hot Girls On Bikes

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Don’t know how to say Arleth Teran but she is hot.

Tonight is the big night. ‘Bama vs. Texas. Who’s it going to be? Well let’s see if I can keep my bowl streak going. Tonight I am picking Texas. Call me crazy but I think they have it.

While I was driving back from Purdue last night I passed a car that was going under the speed limit. Once I was on the side of them they sped up so I did also to get around them. Then they were on my a$$ for five minutes going 10 over. They deserve to lose their license. Especially when they did it to another car that passed them.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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