Allison Stokke’s Halloween Cowgirl Outfit Accentuates The Entire Package

It has been very, very quiet on the Allison Stokke front after a couple years of her burning up our pageviews counter.

But leave it to BC reader M9 to send us a Stokke photo from what looks to be Halloween 2009 if our examination of her abs is correct.

See, in her freshman year Ms. Stokke seemed to get at least the freshman 5-10. Two years later the body is smoking hot and toned, as you can see after the jump.


There you have it, Internet, your very first ever Allison Stokke Halloween cowgirl photo showing off hip structure, the stomach, legs and even a small glimpse of glorious cleav.

See, we can segue from blind Boise State band girl back to Allison Stokke in 24-hours.

The friend isn’t bad either. We’re just a little pissed that M9 left Busted Coverage Nation hanging with only a single shot of this action.

So it’s up to you guys to get your shit together and finish this storyline with Ms. Stokke doing some body shots off her friend. Snap to it.

Have an Allison Stokke photo we need to post? Send it in.

[Allison Stokke – Cal Track]



    1. Trevor says:

      thanks BC for the boner-inducing image of Stokke!!

    2. J Koot says:

      I knew you'd appreciate getting things back to normal after Boise girl.

      Without Stokke the world of pole vaulting is a bore.

    3. Trevor says:

      completely…I feel more like a man and less like a douche for gut-laughing at the handicapped.

    4. Nattyb says:

      Finally there is justice in this world.

    5. James says:

      Pole vaulting cowgirls are hot! Ok, this is the only one that comes to mind, but she is hot. We need more write ups (read pictures) of Allison Stokke.

    6. Jayhawk says:

      Well this is going to be kinda popular.

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    12. intammolo says:

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    14. stephen e hansen says:

      there never was anybody this hot at stanford, school of geeks and dykes. she should have gone to stanford.

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